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Re: wxPerl

Jochen Stenzel - Wed Apr 02 23:48:02 2008

Hello Alexander,
I would like to know who has allready experience with wxPerl?
after a promising talk by Herbert Breunung that was given at the German Perl Workshop this year (an (older?) version of the OO presentation (in German) can be found on this page: http://faq.perl-community.de/bin/view/User/HerbertBreunung) I tried out WxPerl with XRC (as suggested). I installed the modules (Alien::WxWidgets and Wx) for Strawberry Perl under Windows XP without real problems, used wxFormBuilder to compose XRC and was impressed by the results. So far, I built a tabbed notebook with several related controls (text fields, select boxes and checkboxs), with menu entries to open system dialogs for file loading and storage, some defaults settings, about boxes etc., all controls with tooltips and context help. This is certainly a rather small application (used to read, edit and write configuration files), but it shows the potential of this approach and requires not too much GUI related code. I am sure at the moment that I will sincerly consider to use wxPerl for future GUI projects. Some basic experience with a Windows GUI framework seems to help (I used OWL a few years ago), but I think it is not a precondition. Once you get the idea (and learned a few tricks) it is pretty straightforward, at least for the simple controls I used until now.

If you are interested in wxPerl, I strongly recommend to play with XRC (which is an XML description of the GUI resources that is generated by the GUI builder and can be used directly by the program).