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Re: [Serouche Rahimpour] advice on perl training

Wilfried Gaensheimer - Sat Feb 16 03:27:30 2008


my last perl training in Munich was held 2005 by LP-IT Training
and was very helpful. However this was a inhouse training focussing
on OO and XML. I do not know if lp-it has regular trainings in Munich.
Summary: Good and expensive.

Then you could check Doulos (http://www.doulos.com/).
I took part in a tcl/tk training and they are very professional
(but the prices are professional, too =:-).

Sun offers perl trainings, but I do not know if they do so in Munich.

The other company I know is Microconsult (long ago a part of Infineon).
e.g. http://www.microconsult.com/jsp/detail.htm?kursId=AAAABUJ
My experience with them is > 10 years old; very nice environment and
well trainings.

When you google for "perl training munich", you find lots of
other places ...

Bye, HTH

BTW.: I'll try to join on Monday, but do not know if I can make it.

> Hallo Mongers,
> vielleicht wei� jemand was zu Perl-Trainings in München?
> --
> Cheers,
> haj

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