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Job Search

marcos rebelo - Mon Jan 14 16:40:18 2008

Hy all

It is my first time in this list, since Renée Bäcker recommended it.

I'm a 5 years experienced Perl Programmer (2 of them where in
Eurocopter(EADS) in Munich) and I'm definitively moving to Munich ASAP
(after contract).
Can someone help me to get a job in Munich or surroundings?

I'm also used to work with Java, C/C++, HTML, XML, RSS, ADA, Prolog,
SQL, GWT, ... I try to have different experiences.

You can find my CV at:

You can call me at 00351 965204342
or by email: oleber@gmail.com

Best Regards
Marcos Rebelo

Marcos Rebelo