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Fwd: London Perl Workshop 2007

Richard Foley - Fri Oct 05 13:04:44 2007

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Subject: London Perl Workshop 2007
Date: Friday 05 October 2007 11:53
From: Greg McCarroll <greg@mccarroll.org.uk>
To: "London.pm Perl M[ou]ngers" <london.pm@london.pm.org>
Cc: greg@mccarroll.org.uk

Please spread this far and wide to blogs, sites, mailing lists, if you're at 
uni print
it and stick it up on a notice board. If you have an internal dev mailing 
list, spam that.
Bonus points for people posting it to other london language lists. 


London Perl Workshop 2007

So it's that time of year again, the nights are growing long, the mornings are 
growing cold 
and people who should know better once again decide to organize a conference. 
That's right 
it's time for this year's London Perl Workshop. So let's get down to the 
details, because we 
haven't much time ...


Saturday 1st of December (10:00->17:30)


Cavendish Campus, University of Westminster, London (Thanks again!)


This year we will be encouraging people from other languages to participate so 
we can continue
Perl's long tradition of stealing the best ideas from other languages 
(including future versions
of Perl itself). We will also be doing a lot more lightning talks (because 
people like them).

What can you do?

Register to attend.


Propose a talk (remember lightning talks particularly welcome!)

	Same as above. n.b. you need to be registered to submit a proposal. The 
deadline for
	proposals is if I remember, remember correctly, the 5th of November. But 
please don't
	leave it to the last minute.
	(Talks should be 5 (lightning), 15 or 30 minutes long, unless it's something 

Did you steal the opening paragraph from last year's announcement?

Of course, we're lazy.


Richard Foley
Ciao - shorter than aufwiedersehen