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Fwd: YACP::Europe re-scheduled to start a day earlier!

Richard Foley - Fri Mar 09 08:09:08 2007

  **reschedule YAPC::Europe to Tuesday, 28th to Thursday, 30th August.**

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Subject: YACP::Europe re-scheduled to start a day earlier!
Date: Thursday 08 March 2007 11:10
From: Thomas Klausner <domm@cpan.org>
To: domm@cpan.org


We're sending this to the email adress you used to register for 
YAPC::Europe 2007 to announce an important update:

The bad news: The Conference has to be rescheduled slightly

The ESC Congress 2007 is even bigger than we thought. They expect 15.000
cardiologists, plus their spouses! Due to this, there is nearly not a single
bed available in Vienna for the night from Friday, 31st August to Saturday, 

As we do not want to force you to leave on the last day of the conference, we
decided to 
  **reschedule YAPC::Europe to Tuesday, 28th to Thursday, 30th August.**

We are very sorry for this, and do hope that it does not cause any problems 
anybody who might have already booked his or her flights or hotel. If this
change does cause you some problems, please inform us, and we'll see what we
can do to help you.

The good news: Register or submit a talk until 31th March and win a book!

We have two coffee-table books (one including a DVD) on Vienna to raffle off.
To enter the contest, all you need to do is to either register for the
conference and pay your ticket, or submit a talk proposal until 31th March.

-  Zentralfriedhof Vienna: The living Graveyard. Including DVD: Universum
   Documentary A documentary about the Zentralfriedhof, which is the second
   largest cemetery by area and largest by number of interred in Europe. In 
   German and English.

-  Wien. Tradition und Moderne. by Doris Simhofer This book is
   German only, but has lots of nice photos :-)

Winners will be announced on 3th April.

YAPC::Europe 2007 website:


Conferences Mailing List

Please subscribe to the conferences@yapceurope.org mailing list (if 
you're already on it, sorry for spamming you twice):

To subscribe to the list send an empty email to 
conferences-subscribe@yapceurope.org or use the web interface: 
http://lists.yapceurope.org/mailman/listinfo/conferences. You can also 
use this interface to unsubscribe and to manage your subscription 

Thomas Klausner, 
on behalf of Vienna.pm

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Richard Foley
Ciao - shorter than aufwiedersehen


ps. Please resend any bounced or unanswered emails.