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Re: Help needed with German speaking Online Perl magazine

Soeren M. Laird Soerries - Thu Feb 08 23:31:46 2007

Hi *,

Richard Foley <Richard.Foley@rfi.net> schreibt:
> There's a new online German speaking Perl magazine:
> 	http://www.foo-magazin.de/

Correction! It is also a print magazine, I've got a copy here.

> It talks about everything Perl:
> 	New features in Perl 10 !!!
> 	Perl on Windows
> 	Interviews with Perl People
> 	Perl Job Links
> 	Perl Articles (Artikels ;)
> 	etc.
> Take a look, and contribute if you can.
> Info is from Renee Baecker, who informed the German Perl Mongers about it, but 
> I figured there may be some german speakers loosely distributed in the rest 
> of the world too.

I agree with everything else you said here :-)
Cheers, Sören