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Unknown - Wed Sep 27 23:38:04 2006

Weitere Informationen zum Buch finden Sie hier:

Probekapitel finden Sie hier:
Chapter 7: Code Blocks and Iteration (PDF Format)
Chapter 15: Web Development: Ruby on Rails (PDF Format)

3. Python in a Nutshell
Alex Martelli
Second Edition August 2006
ISBN 0-596-10046-9
712 pages, EUR 38.00

This book offers Python programmers one place to look when they
need help remembering or deciphering the syntax of this open
source language and its many powerful but scantily documented
modules. This comprehensive reference guide makes it easy to
look up the most frequently needed information--not just about
the Python language itself, but also the most frequently used
parts of the standard library and the most important third-party

Weitere Informationen zum Buch finden Sie hier:

4. LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell
Steven Pritchard, Bruno Gomes Pessanha, Nicolai Langfeldt,
Jeff Dean & James Stanger
Second Edition August 2006
ISBN 0-596-00528-8
978 pages, EUR 58.00

"LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell, Second Edition" is a
thoroughly researched reference to the Linux Professional
Institute exams. The book is divided into four parts, one
for each of the LPI exams. Each part features not only a
summary of the core skills you need, but sample exercises
and test questions, along with helpful hints to let you
focus your energies.

Weitere Informationen zum Buch finden Sie hier:

5. SUSE Linux
Chris Brown, PhD
First Edition August 2006
ISBN 0-596-10183-X
446 pages, EUR 38.00

SUSE Linux takes you into the essential operating system
components by presenting them in easy-to-learn modules.