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Harald Joerg - Mon Jul 17 08:18:00 2006

Last orders, please....

Wer nach Brüssel will, um einen Vortrag zu halten, sollte sich beeilen

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Subject: Lightning talks at OSCON 2006: Announcement for distribution
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 23:29:53 -0400
From: Mark Jason Dominus <mjd@plover.com>
Organization: Plover Systems
To: user_groups@pm.org

Please distribute this to your Perl Mongers groups.

Subject: OSCON 2006 Lightning talks deadline extended

There is still time to propose a lightning talk for OSCON 2006.  The
deadline has been extended through Monday, 25 July.

      Lightning Talks at the 2006 O'Reilly Open Source Convention

Lightning talks are brief (5-minute) talks that focus on a single
example, idea, project, or technique.  Lightning talks do not attempt
to cover all aspects of their subject matter, but rather to present
one facet of the idea clearly and succinctly.

To submit a proposal for a lightning talk, please send your proposed
title and an abstract of up to four sentences to:


For more complete information, visit:



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