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[Jay Hannah] [pm_groups] Perl Monger t-shirts! I'm gathering orders now.

Harald Joerg - Thu Jul 13 22:06:18 2006

Hallo Mongers,

Nochmal ich: Vielleicht gibt's doch noch was für Mittwoch - siehe
Anhang.  Zwecks Portoersparnis gibt's diverse Ideen für eine deutsche /
europäische (Birmingham - wg. YAPC::Europe::2006) Sammelbestellung.

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It's baaaack! Once every 2 years or so since 1996 one or more Perl Monger groups have banded together to place a t-shirt order. In 2004 the Omaha Perl Mongers and the SouthFlorida Perl Mongers ordered about 60 shirts.

This is your chance for 2006/2007. (Unless you'd rather go it alone, of course. -grin-)


If you think your group might be interested please let me know. Once your groups' order is set send me the list and your mailing address (Federal Express). I can't track dozens of local individuals per group, so I'll be counting on group leaders for all local footwork. 

If you want a shipping quote let me know and I'll try to chase one down for you based on some estimated order size...

Order cut off is August 8th, 1 month from today.

Be the shwankiest geeks in your area! :)



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