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Re: Zur Erinnerung: Naechster Vortrag am Mittwoch, 2. April 2003

Norbert Gruener - Thu Mar 27 07:54:00 2003

Hi Greg,

On Thu, Mar 27 2003, Greg McCarroll wrote:
> * Wilfried Gaensheimer (wilfried.gaensheimer@bingo-ev.de) wrote:
> > 
> > if it's just the language, I could talk in English the same speed I do in 
> > German :-), if the others don't mind. And there is no localized version of 
> > perl I know of ;-)
> > 
> If Norbert and the other guys don't mind that would be great. I've
> looked at your usenix paper and I must say I'd love to hear the talk.

as I already said in a different email, we do not mind to have that
presentation in English   :-))

> > So, that would be no exuse. and it will not be very formal presentation, 
> > either. The presentation is in a good old Munich "Wirtshaus" and 
> > the food there is very acceptable (*).
> I will probably come even if the talk is in german then ;-)

It will be definitely in English, so please come and visit us at our
next meeting.

Our meeting place is "Schachener Hof", Pognerstraße 5.  You can get
there with the tube (U-3 direction "Fürstenried West") station "Thalkirchen". From
there it is about a 100 meter's walk.  If you want to see a map, you
could check at <http://www.stadtplandienst.de/home.asp>.  Insert
"muenchen" into the field "Ort" and "Pognerstr. 5" into the field 
"Straße und ggf. Hausnr."  Then you will get a map of that area.

If you need any other information, please let me know.

Looking forward to seeing you next week in Munich,

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