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Re: Zur Erinnerung: Naechster Vortrag am Mittwoch, 2. April 2003

Norbert Gruener - Thu Mar 27 07:53:05 2003

Hi Greg,

On Wed, Mar 26 2003, Greg McCarroll wrote:
> I am going to be in Munich next week, at least I think its very near
> Munich, its an area called Dornach. So assuming I am actually going to
> be in Munich I'd love to meet up with you guys. I'm going to be free
> on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening, so I was thinking of
> maybe meeting up after the above talk (my german ends at ' ein bier,
> bitte' so I might be a bit lost if i went to the talk) and maybe go
> for a late super or something. Alternatively I could meet with some of
> you another night? Thoughts?

we will definitely arrange something   :-))

Great to have you here in Munich !!

I am looking forward to meeting you,

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