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Re: local cpan config

Robin Clarke - Thu Dec 02 14:44:36 2010

Hi Gabi,

> well, but now it looks like it wants to install in the home dir, doesn't
> it?
Ah no... that's not /my/ home dir... that's where the local perl binary is
installed... X-S

> hmmm, robin, "didn't work" is something one can't work with.... what's the
> exact error message or problem?
I know I know... but the error took about 2 hours to produce, and happened
about 2 days ago, so that was the best I had left...

> did you mean the line accordingly to the one below
> source /home/cpanp/perl5/perlbrew/etc/bashrc

But seeing as I've got cpan working now... I'm happy! :)

Best winds,