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Re: first message

Harald Joerg - Mon Nov 15 12:04:48 2010

marcos rebelo <oleber@gmail.com> writes:

> [...]
> The website that I found seems dead from 2007

If you are refering to http://munich.pm.org/, then it's my fault (though
it would be 2008 when the last update was done).

The fellow mongers keep prodding me since a few months, and I'm working
on a couple of issues after a hard disk crash.  Most things seem to be
in place, but some paths are still broken (there's always some file
missing in the backup, isn't it?).  I think I'll get it fixed before the
next meeting.

> so my question is:
>     Someone there?

Oh yes.  This mailing list has always been more reliable than the website

Regarding perl jobs in Munich, you might want to have a look at two
recent postings from the German perl news channel: