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perl work around munich? was: Re: Giving a talk at YAPC::Europe...

Richard . Foley - Mon Jul 15 11:57:14 2002

Steffen Beyer wrote:
> This means that I am currently looking for a new job, because this
> is no secure place for me to stay...
> Does anyone know by any chance anybody who could use somebody like me? :-)
> Thank you all very much in advance for your understanding and possible help!

Guys (and gals),

Because Dornier-Fairchild have collapsed into Insolvency, this now
applies to me too 


Does anyone have any hints, (besides jobserve or planet), to give for
job openings, preferably in the Munich area, and distinctly perl

TIA for any tips (or jobs :)

Richard Foley
Ciao - shorter than AufWiederSehen!