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Where can I find a description of Perl's memory management (malloc)?

Steffen Beyer - Thu Apr 08 14:51:10 2010

Dear Perl Mongers,

I am looking for a description of how Perl's memory management works when Perl has been compiled with the "d_mymalloc" option "define"d;
i.e., the fact that Perl requests a large chunk of memory from the system using the system's malloc, which Perl then manages itself, i.e., which it allocates to running Perl scripts on demand.

Preferentially from the documentation included in the Perl distribution, the latter of which may NOT be NEWER than Perl 5.10.0 (!).

Unfortunately grepping through the Perl distribution (5.8.0) did not provide that information, so maybe there are Perl Monks articles about the subject or so?

Does anybody know whether the Apache web server does something similar,
i.e., allocating a large chunk of memory of which it assigns parts to running applications, e.g. mod_perl scripts or the like?

Thank you very much in advance for any hints and pointers!

Best regards,
    Steffen Beyer 
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