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FW: Perl Developer Permanent and Contract Roles

marek.rouchal - Tue Feb 07 14:14:50 2006

In case anyone is interested...



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From: Leigh Mathieson [mailto:leigh.mathieson@pro-quest.co.uk] 
Sent: Monday, February 06, 2006 9:06 PM
To: Marek.Rouchal@gmx.net
Subject: Perl Developer Permanent and Contract Roles

Dear Perl Developer,

Pro-Quest specializes in the Recruitment of Perl & Linux Open Source
Development roles and have many such opportunities currently in and
around the UK (and also some abroad). If you are interested in learning
more about our current vacancies (or being informed if vacancies arise
in your area) please simply respond to this e-mail with "Perl Developer
Roles" in the Subject Line and brief details regarding your Perl
experience, whether you would consider Permanent roles, Permanent &
Contract or just Contract, details on required Salary / Rates and
locations / Countries / regions you would consider. A copy of your CV if
you are interested would be very beneficial.

(All information is of course in complete confidence)

I look forward to your response

Best Regards,

Leigh Mathieson
Recruitment Consultant
Pro-Quest Resourcing Ltd
40 Princess Street
M1 6DE
Tel  0161 234 0064