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Vielleicht von Interesse ... (forw) Betonmarkets CTO position

Norbert Gruener - Wed Feb 10 16:15:58 2010

Hallo Mongers,

ich habe heute diese Email erhalten.  Ob sie wirklich seriös ist, kann
ich nicht sagen.  Aber vielleicht interessiert sich doch einer von
Euch dafür   :-))


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--- Begin Message ---
Dear Norbert,

Betonmarkets.com, the leading financial betting company, is looking to
recruit a CTO.  As a Perl expert, I was wondering whether you may be
interested in the position?

The Betonmarkets website and underlying systems are developed entirely
in Perl and typically conduct 20,000 transactions per day. We are
looking for a CTO who is expert and enthusiastic about Perl, as well as
experienced in management and team leadership, and able to assume the
role of CTO of a successful e-commerce company.

We are located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, which offers a high quality as
well as low cost of living.  We are a multi-national company, with
staff from 14 countries (including the US, Europe, and Asia).  Our
company, and its location in Cyberjaya, offer a unique living and
working experience for expatriates.

If you would be interested to know more about this position, kindly
email me your CV.  Please feel free to forward this email to any person
in the Perl community who may be interested in the opportunity.

Best regards,
Jean-Yves Sireau

Jean-Yves Sireau, CEO
Regent Markets Group Ltd.
Genseq Ltd.

--- End Message ---