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Markus Wennrich - Thu Dec 03 14:37:39 1998

A guy is hanging out in his favorite bar when he spots the beautiful woman 
walking in on the arm of some nasty schlep.  He asks the bartender about 
it and is suprised to discover that she's a prostitute.  He watches her 
the rest of the night, amazed that someone so attractive could be 
available to him.

The next night he goes back to the bar, and sure enough she's there again, 
only this time alone.  The guy works up his nerve and approached her.
"Is is true you're a prostitute?" (always a good opening line).
"Why sure, big boy.  What can I do for you?" she replies.
The guy responds, "well, I don't know.  What do you charge?"
"I get $100 just for a handjob.  We can negotiate from there."
"$100?  For a handjob?  Are you nuts?""You see that Ferrari out there?" 
The guy looks out the front window, and sure enough there's a shiny new 
Ferarri parked ouside.
"I paid cash for that Ferrari with the money I made on handjobs.  Trust 
me, it's worth it."
The guy mulls over it for a while and decides what the hell.  He leaves 
with her, and gets the most unbelievable evening.  This handjob was better 
than any complete sexual experience in his miserable life.  

The next night he's back at the bar, waiting eargerly for her to show up.  
When she does, he immediatly approches her.
"Last night was incredible!"
"Of course it was.  Just wait til you try one of my blowjobs."
"How much is that?""$500""$500?   that's ridiculous!"
"You see that apartment building across the street?"
The guy looks out front at a 12 story apartment building.
"I paid cash for that building with the money I made on blow jobs. Trust 
me, it's worth it."
Based on the night before, the guy decides to go for it.  He leaves with 
her, and once again is not dissappointed.  He nearly faints twice.  

The next night he can hardly contain himself until she shows up.  
"I'm hooked, you're the best!  Tell me, what'll it cost me to go all the 
She motions for him to follow her outside.  She points down the street, 
between buildings so he can see Manhattan."You see that island?" 
"Oh,   You can't mean that!"

She nods her head.  "You bet.  Had I been a woman, I'd own that island!"

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