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Markus Wennrich - Fri Nov 20 09:45:46 1998

An Indian from a nearby reservation goes to a Whorehouse and knocks on the
door. When the Madam answers he says, "Me want woman!" The Madam looks at
him kind of funny and says, "You want a woman huh?"
He replies, "Yes. Me want woman. Me got money."
"But do you have experience?" the Madam answers.
"Experience?," asked the Indian.
"Have you done this before?"
"No, but me want woman.  Me got money."
The Madam laughs and says, "I'll tell you what honey, you go out into the
forest over there and practice with the knotholes in those trees and when
you know what you're doing you come back and see me." 

So the Indian goes out into the forest and finds a knothole to get 
experience with. The next week he goes back to the whorehouse and knocks 
on the door. When the Madam comes to the door he says, "Me want woman.  Me 
got experience." So the Madam sends him upstairs with one of her girls.  

When they get upstairs the Indian tells her to take off her clothes and 
bend over. When she does, he takes out a 2x4 and smacks her on the ass.  
"What the hell did you do that for!" she screamed.  

The Indian replied, "Me checkum for bees."

p.s. not meant to offend anyone with Indian blood

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