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Fun: Another Clinton

Hans Maurer - Wed Aug 26 16:27:57 1998

And here comes a story from the real life:

It is near the end of the 97/98 school year and the teacher has already 
 in her grades. There is really not much to do. All the kids are restless
 because they are ready for the summer break. The teacher says, "The first
 person to correctly answer each question I ask may leave early."
 Little Johnny thinks to himself, "Good. I wanna get outta here. I'm smart. 
I'll answer first." The teacher asks, "Who said 'Four score and seven years 
ago'?" Before Johnny could open his mouth Susie said "Abraham Lincoln."
The teacher said, "That's right, Susie. You may leave."
Johnny was mad that Susie answered first.
The teacher asked, "Who said 'I have a dream'?"
Before Johnny could open his mouth Mary said "Martin Luther King."
The teacher said, "That's right, Mary. You may leave."
Johnny was even madder that Mary answered first.
The teacher asked "Who said 'Ask not what your country can do for you'?"
Before Johnny could open his mouth Nancy said "John Kennedy."
The teacher said, "That's right, Nancy. You may leave."
Johnny was BOILING MAD that Nancy answered first.
Then the teacher turned her back, and Johnny said, "I wish these bitches 
would keep their mouths shut!"
The teacher said "WHO SAID THAT?"
Johnny said, "Bill Clinton. May I go now?"