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Trambatz, Mandy - Thu Jul 16 09:56:35 1998

> >One day God came to Adam to pass on some news.
> >
> >"I've got some good news and some bad news," God said.
> >
> >Adam looked at God and said, "Well, give me the good news first."
> >
> >Smiling, God explained, "I've got two new organs for you. One is
> >called a brain. It will allow you to be very intelligent, create
> >new things, and have intelligent conversations with Eve. The other
> >organ I have for you is called a penis. It will allow you to
> >reproduce your now intelligent life form and populate this planet. Eve
> >will be very  happy that you now have this organ to give her children."
> >
> >Adam, very excited, exclaimed, "These are great gifts you have
> >given to me.  What could possibly be bad news after such great
> >tidings?"
> >
> >God looked upon Adam and said with great sorrow, "I only gave you enough
> >blood to operate one of these organs at a time."